Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know, I know... I said I'd be better at updating... & I haven't lived up to my promise, haha.

So, highlights of this past semester:

1. My voice class is the best & I feel like my voice has come A LOOONG way from the beginning of last semester. Yanci is a blessing.

2. I actually LOVE my classes this semester. Even History. I think I became smarter all of a sudden.... And/or I'm just more confident in my critical thinking & discussion skills.

3. I got into the awesome hip-hop theatre devisement crew called: SIGNS OF LIFE! I'm super stoked. We've just begun the process of writing & devising our piece ("Fear"), but it's already such a... therapeutic process. My goal is to not come across as preachy & to create work that resonates with our current demographic we'll be performing for.
+ the Signs of Life Family KICK ASS.

4. The Mainstage show I'm in is Romeo & Juliet as Tybalt's page, the Apothecary, & I get to do a little dance number. That means, 3 costumes? Or 2... That would be baller to do the dance as the Apothecary, haha. My director wants the Apothecary to be an old hag, which I am SO PUMPED to do.

5. Change of plans for this summer: NOT going to Greece to perform Oedipus and Romeo & Juliet. It's a long drawn out, unnecessarily dramatic tale & I don't want to get into on here, but really, it's for the better. Hopefully next summer performing abroad will happen.

And on an unrelated school note:
Josh & I will have been together 6 months this month!
Pretty effing stoked about that.

Now, off to Sam's Club for groceries, yay!!

My grad. sisters & me!
From left to right:
KowKow, Jaz, Dee, & me!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

update from Michigan!

Hello, hello, hello!

Hope your holiday season is going well. Mine sure is. :)

Christmas in Michigan is super cool because it effing SNOWS. It already snowed before we got in & it was awesome to see white landscapes. I haven't seen snow in awhile, it seems. I think it snowed the summer before my sophomore year or my senior year in college... I don't remember. But the snow here in Michigan sticks, which doesn't happen in WA... well, it does, but not really.

Anyway, it's been AWESOME having nothing to do. Just reading, hanging out with Josh's family & friends... It's been great, even though I miss my fam. Hopefully I make it to the Philippines sometime.... You know, when I win the Lottery! haha

Just reread The Bad Seed by Maxwell Anderson & I remembered how suspenseful, intriguing, disturbing, & awesome it is. My dream role is to play 8 year old Rhoda Penmark, or whatever her age is. I'm not going to be able to play young roles for very long, so I better get someone to direct me in this now before it's too late! Rhoda is such a disturbing character & it would effing sweet to play her. It's simultaneously my type, but not.

That's what I've been uber excited for during this break: READING FOR PLEASURE. I have not had the time to do so during the semester, so hopefully I'll get some delicious reading in. Next up is Tiger at the Gates, a play by Jean Giraudoux. Then, I'm gonna tackle Master of Verona by David Blixt, who directed Joshua in Romeo & Juliet a couple years ago.

Well, I'ma peace out and shop around my addiction,, before I go read. hope you all are getting time to do the things you love to do for fun this holiday!

Josh & I lookin' stylin' for his friend's wedding!

look. the iPhone is more intriguing.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of Fall Semester 2010

How horrific is it that I HAVE NOT blogged about my experience this Fall? BAH. Well, I guess in a way, I chose not to because there were SO MANY new things happening, I wasn't sure how to articulate it all. Now that the semester is over, I feel like I can better describe my experience in retrospect.

Overall, the semester was super challenging. Being in a new place, a completely different side of the USA (down south & the east coast - talk about culture chaaange), then going into a new program... it's just a lot to deal with.

But I'm happy I'm here. I love acting, playing, and making connections with the people here. My class is a diverse bunch and I've learned a lot from them. I got into my first Mainstage. :) (dark play: or stories for boys, what up!) My boyfriend is the best man on this earth & I'm so happy we're experiencing this program together. I'm learning a lot about myself as an actor and as a person. It hasn't been easy learning all of this, but this semester has taught me that in order to be great at what I do, I gotta learn about me first.

Now that I've got first semester outta the way, I am sooo ready for next semester! OH gosh, 2011 is gonna be awesome! I'm in Romeo & Juliet as the Apothecary and in Oedipus as Servant 1. Uber excited! And even more uber excited because we are touring these productions to Greece!!! WHAT UP!!! I know. Freaking sweet, huh?? We're touring them in June 2011. Annelih is preparing to drop a ton of fuh-reakin' money, ick. But it'll be well worth the experience. How many people can say they've performed in Greece?

Before next semester can take flight, going to enjoy the holidays first! This year, I'm going to be spending it with my boyfriend, Joshua, & his family in Michigan. It's going to be my first time in Michigan & I'm super stoked! I hope I get to experience Michigan snow.... But no matter what my experience, expect lots & lots of pictures.

i heart the holidays.
i hope you're having a good holiday season wherever you are.


a picture of my stunning class of 2013

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I know, I know. I HAVE NOT been updating this blog.

I'm been SWAMPED these past couple weeks adjusting to life here & to be honest, it was just too overwhelming to blog about it all. I've actually been MIA from internet socials thangs, which basically means fbook.

But now, I'm getting more accumulated to life here and more willing to blog about it. And now I'll be more active on fbook too. :)

HOWEVER, now is not the time to update! haha. I've got to head to class actually, go over to Acting I with Dr. J!

aight. peace, love & pectin.
I promise to update soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school!

hey hey.
I know.
I have been horrible with blogging. But it'll get better from here on out, especially since SCHOOL is starting TODAY.

oh em gee.
totally freaking right now because if you know me, you know that I LOVE school. I heart the new binders, pens, pencils, COLLEGE-RULED paper, (College-ruled paper is the best, I don't roll with any of that wide-ruled business)......

Today is effing busy though. Not only do I have a full day of classes, I've also got auditions tonight.
Ok. and when I say full day, it's only 3 classes, but whatev, it's gonna be a long day, son.

All right, gotta catch the bus because it's gonna be full like whoa. I'll update you soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

car-less :(

Thank God we made it here safe. Both of our flights went well & we made it with all of our luggage, which was something I was legit worried about, haha.

I'm really happy to be here, BUT I would feel even better if my nugget of a BumbleBee aka MY CAR would be here too. sigh.

So, that's the prayer of the day, folks. Hopefully my car arrives today & life will be right again. Because, let's face it, Annelih without her magic yellow car is like... a bee without its black stripes.

oh no. that analogy made me sad. haha.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

i'm such an overpacker.

What bothers me about packing for airplane flights is I, without fail, pack way too much. I consciously say to myself, "Annelih. This time you WILL NOT bring your entire life in your carry-on suitcase & your backpack."

And what happens?
You guessed it.


And what with airlines jacking up the prices of luggage, it makes me even more stressed.
You would think I would learn by now how to pack for flights since I've been flying all year, but nope. Haven't learned.

Well, my family & I are peacing out soon to go to the airport super early so we don't overwhelm ourselves with all the baggages we have. Smart move on our part.

Please send good energy & thoughts for safe travels for my family & I.
I know that I won't fully be satisfied until we land safely in Gainesville & are settled into our hotel.

Thank you for all the loving thoughts & well wishes you've all communicated to me via facebook. You are each such bright lights in my life & I know I wouldn't be the woman & actor I am today if it weren't for your impact on me.

and just for kicks: