Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know, I know... I said I'd be better at updating... & I haven't lived up to my promise, haha.

So, highlights of this past semester:

1. My voice class is the best & I feel like my voice has come A LOOONG way from the beginning of last semester. Yanci is a blessing.

2. I actually LOVE my classes this semester. Even History. I think I became smarter all of a sudden.... And/or I'm just more confident in my critical thinking & discussion skills.

3. I got into the awesome hip-hop theatre devisement crew called: SIGNS OF LIFE! I'm super stoked. We've just begun the process of writing & devising our piece ("Fear"), but it's already such a... therapeutic process. My goal is to not come across as preachy & to create work that resonates with our current demographic we'll be performing for.
+ the Signs of Life Family KICK ASS.

4. The Mainstage show I'm in is Romeo & Juliet as Tybalt's page, the Apothecary, & I get to do a little dance number. That means, 3 costumes? Or 2... That would be baller to do the dance as the Apothecary, haha. My director wants the Apothecary to be an old hag, which I am SO PUMPED to do.

5. Change of plans for this summer: NOT going to Greece to perform Oedipus and Romeo & Juliet. It's a long drawn out, unnecessarily dramatic tale & I don't want to get into on here, but really, it's for the better. Hopefully next summer performing abroad will happen.

And on an unrelated school note:
Josh & I will have been together 6 months this month!
Pretty effing stoked about that.

Now, off to Sam's Club for groceries, yay!!

My grad. sisters & me!
From left to right:
KowKow, Jaz, Dee, & me!

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